I’m playing digital musical chairs so I can give Julie my 2018 MacBook Pro.

This involves bringing my 2015 MacBook Air to life. That machine is bricked. I’m pretty sure it’s just an operating system problem and can be solved by reinstalling the OS. Then I’ll move the data from the MacBook Pro to the MacBook Air and give the MBP to Julie. I’ll want to make a couple of backups first.

The 2018 MacBook Pro had been my primary personal Zoom machine, including meetings of the Democratic Club. I want to use my iPad Pro for that, because it seems more stable and the camera is MUCH better.

But first I had to roll back the iPad Pro from the iPad OS 14 beta to iPad OS 13. Because I don’t want to host meetings for 80-100 people on beta software.

I was prepared to simply do a fresh factory install of iPad OS — nothing important has its canonical version on the iPad; it all lives on the Mac, in the cloud, or on my Phone. But as a pleasant surprise I had a backup of the last good state of the iPad running iOS 13 in the cloud. So I’ve got a head start there. I deleted DevonThink from the iPad just to avoid messing up any databases on that, and will reinstall it.

And now the iPad Pro is back to running iPad OS 13. Off to a good start!

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner