I've pulled out of the iOS and iPadOS betas

The new capabilities, while worthwhile, aren’t worth the instability.

In particular, on the iPhone, with the current beta, the phone connectivity to my Airpods Pro is flaky. And the camera doesn’t work.

The iPad beta is better. But I may end up using my iPad as the primary Zoom video hub for La Mesa-Foothills Democratic Club meetings, and I don’t want to mess with beta for that. Not when 70-100 people are depending on me for a reliable Zoom call.

I’ll gladly upgrade to the new versions of the operating systems as soon as they are available. Or maybe the golden masters next month. But not now.

Pulling out of the betas is an odd process. If I’d been careful I would have made a backup of the old pre-beta installation – but who has time for that? When I installed the betas, I just pulled the rip cord and jumped. So instead of just downgrading the software cleanly, I uninstalled the beta software profile and now I wait until the next software update for my iPhone and iPad to be restored to their Version 13 glories.

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner