What’s your morning routine?

Me: Most days start with letting the dog out, unless I’m up before dawn, which I am often lately because I’ve been having trouble sleeping. We have coyotes so I don’t let her have the run of the backyard unsupervised when the sun is down.

Then toilet for me. Glance at email and messages on the phone to see if there’s anything requiring immediate attention.

Put on clothes. That’s important to me, even when working from home. Real clothes, that I’d be willing to go to the supermarket wearing.

Let dog into house. Give dog glucosamine. Play with dog a bit. Make coffee. On most days, I go to desk.

I journal every morning. I’ve done that sporadically for years, and have been making a (nearly) daily practice of it since early March. I approach journaling by using it as a record of notable events – not thoughts and feelings, like most people use their journaling. But thoughts and feelings get into it anyway. That’s by design. And this here right now is part of the journaling process. This is part of that process.

Then I read some news. Lately, I’m subscribing to newsletters.

Weekends and days off the journaling and news part is the same, but I do it on the iPad from a futon in the sunroom.

Then I get into the day.

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner