I’ve started watching “Inspector Morse.” I like, but do not love it. We generally watch an hour or so of TV just before bedtime and a half-episode of Morse is good for that. It’s pleasant and not challenging.

Before watching, I had thought Morse was one of the variety of obnoxious-genius superman detectives, like Sherlock or House. And maybe they take the show that way in future years. But now, in the first season, he seems like a bumbler, both in his personal life and somewhat professionally. He catches the criminals more through persistence and diligence than through any brilliant insight. Which is fine.

Morse seems to try to date murder witnesses a lot. This last episode she was a close friend of the victim and was there when he was murdered at church. Morse started flirting with her at the murder scene, if I recall correctly.

Maybe when the episode first aired the viewer reaction might have been a congratulatory, “Morse! You silver fox you!” But now in 2020 I’m exclaiming, “Morse! Dude! Not cool!”

Also, this series is the least Jewish thing I’ve seen on TV. Even the 700 Club is more Jewish than Morse.

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner