Cory Doctorow: The US is now worse off than Russia or Mexico on the Global Misery Index.

Also: Why America feels like living in a post-Soviet state:

It’s the nagging sense that any statistics are distorted to make the people at the top feel good about their performance, and to give their quackspeaking useful idiots something to shout when anyone criticizes the system.

(think of Trump’s covid “statistics”)

It’s the sense that, without data, and under pressure to hit meaningless targets, our institutions CAN’T perform: think of schools reopening, Deborah Birx toeing the party line.

It’s the sense that you’re being led by a Mafia boss without a Mafia and the sense that the rich live in a completely separate system from the rest of us, insulated from the depredations and fears that keep the rest of us up at night.

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner