Qanon is an alternate reality game, like Microsoft’s The Beast. Cory Doctorow:…

I have never participated in an ARG but I enjoyed both “Babylon 5” and “Lost” back in the day.

A great part of the fun of both those shows was finding the clues embedded in individual episodes that pointed to the underlying (fictional) conspiracies, and getting into brisk discussions with other fans. And yes Qanon looks similar.

Also, I had a peripheral, glancing encounter with Qanon recently. We bought a couch from Wayfair, which has been targeted by Qanon over ridiculous false rumors of child trafficking.

We ended up canceling the couch order. Nothing to do with child trafficking or Qanon. We just decided we could get a few more years out of our current couch.

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner