As the pandemic surges, old people alarm their adult kids by playing bridge and getting haircuts

Tara Bahrampour at The Washington Post:

When the pandemic began, Darcy Scott worried most about her parents, who are in their 80s and among the most vulnerable to the coronavirus. To keep them safe, her brother drove them 27 hours from Kerrville, Tex., to Churchton, Md., where Scott and her husband were hunkered down.

But after a couple of months, Texas started to open up and her parents wanted to go home. Scott’s brother drove them back, and since then, she has watched with growing dread as her parents have resumed many of their regular activities even as the infection rates there have climbed.

“Mom went back to the gym, to aqua aerobics. Dad went out to pick up the recycling around town,” Scott said. “So there you go, we expended 11 weeks of our lives, and now our parents are wading around in a cesspool of germs.”

Americans in their 80s or older are living life normally, disregarding social distancing. They figure they’re not going to be around much longer anyway, so carpe diem.

I can’t say that’s wrong.

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner