Shopify Saved Main Street. Next Stop: Taking On Amazon

David H. Freedman at Marker: Covid lockdown left small retailers scrambling to spin up online sales – Shopify gave them the tools they need.

Unlike Amazon, Shopify allows retailers to sell online while keeping their relationship with their customers and brand.

The number of new Shopify customers spiked 62% in he six weeks between March 13 and April 24. To keep up, “managers throughout the company — most of them working from their homes in Canada — put their regular day jobs aside to personally handle calls from small businesses.”

The conversations were wrenching, recalls [Shopify VP Lynsey Thornton], with many business owners left reeling after letting most of their employees go. One owner simply sobbed into the phone. “We wanted to be in the trenches with the entrepreneurs, to feel what they were feeling firsthand,” says Thornton.

Amazon is usually the first and last place I shop. I’m going to break that habit. I’ll look other places first. Amazon will always be there.

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner