Historians are "Hamilton" fans too, but warn that it isn't history

‘Hamilton’ and the Historical Record: Frequently Asked Questions

Jennifer Schuessler at the New York Times: Alexander Hamilton “was not the progressive paragon of multicultural democracy some who watch the show may assume.”

“Believed in manumission, not abolition,” one historian wrote. “Wrote violent filth about Native people. Believed in only elites holding political power and no term limits. And the banking innovation has troubled roots.”


One of the last times A.Ham was prominently on Broadway, in Sidney Kingsley 1943 play “The Patriots,” America was deep in a global fight for democracy. Hamilton wasn’t a populist hero, but a borderline fascist trying to impose a moneyed aristocracy on America. Jefferson, with his vision of self-governing common folk, was the champion of democracy.

The next time around, who knows?

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner