This Guy Is Crossing the Country In Google Street View, One Click at a Time

Uday Schultz, a 19-year-old Harvard sophomore, hit the road June 19. He “decided to spend part of his summer break fulfilling a dream he has had since middle school.”

Aaron Gordon at Vice Motherboard:

He was going to drive across the country. But without a car and the pandemic in full swing, he decided to do it all from his Brooklyn house. So Schultz fired up Google Street View, plugged in Seattle, and started clicking his way back home.

I have felt the pangs of pandemic-induced boredom as badly as anyone. In the World Series of Staring Contests I am currently leading my easily distracted cat in a best-of-999 series 131-49. But even I never considered “driving” across the country on Street View. Surely, I thought, Schultz had achieved some kind of Pandemic Boredom God Mode.

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner