Scientists have a theory why we're the only humans on Earth

Homo sapiens is one of seven species in the genus homo, but we’re the only one that survived. Scientists suggest that the reason we survived is that we’re the one species that can adapt anywhere on Earth.

Other hominids stayed in their ecological comfort zones of woodlands and grasslands, but humans thrived in high altitudes, harsh deserts and now, even space .

However, we’re still a relatively young species. Neanderthals, for example, were around longer than Homo sapiens has been. So it’s still too soon to say whether our evolutionary strategy is a long-term winner.

My $0.02: Our evolutionary strategy is a winner, but it’s still early days whether civilization was a good idea. Maybe our natural state is as hunter-gatherers, and we’ll last a million years in that condition, with a brief, 10,000-year interregnum of technology and science and civilization and literacy and stuff.

Scientists Present a Theory Explaining Why We’re the Only Humans on Earth

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner