On Cory Doctorow's Pluralistic: Trump campaign spyware, #Blueleaks police data leaks, AI-driven police racism & more

Surveillance electoralism: Trump’s mobile app campaign app is spwyare that’s “invasive even by the standards of 2020.” It can track your movements and deliver a constant stream of propaganda.

By contrast, Biden’s app is built around exploring your social graph and connecting you to people you have a genuine personal connection with in order to have a meaningful political conversations.

It’s an evolution of the grassroots organizing tactics that the Obama campaign used to great effect in 2008 and especially in 2012.

The Biden app can also serve as the foundation for a grassroots network of citizen-activists who can hold Democrats’ feet to the fire, the way the Tea Party and its successors have done with Republicans, Cory says. That’s something that was disappointing about Obama: He built a sophisticated grassroots campaign and then dismantled it after he was elected.

Blueleaks: Hackers release a massive data leak of internal records from American law enforcement agencies, 269GB of data on what the cops have been up to behind closed doors.

Five-minute live Ignite talks. Looks interesting!

Congress wants to read all your DMs: Congress’s EARN IT bill would ban encryption and let government spy on all your private messages, even as its sponsors claim it doesn’t do that at all.

Designing a privacy-respecting pandemic tracing token: Phone apps won’t work because phones are too insecure.

Against AI phrenology: Grifters are selling AI software that claims to be able to use facial recognition to predict crime. What it does is look at photos of people who’ve been arrested and target people who look like them. And since disproportionate numbers of arrestees are brown-skinned, the facial recognition becomes a pseudoscientific justification for more police racism.


Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner