Instant Gramification: Architects and designers are designing buildings and interior spaces to look good on Instagram

One of the most prominent examples is a building in London called the Yardhouse, with an exterior wall covered in a geometric pattern of pastel colored tiles that people love to use as a background.

Also, designers are creating interiors of restaurants and hotels for the ‘gram.

I listened to this podcast and imagined all sorts of rococo details for the Yardhouse wall. When I got back to a place where I could call up a. photo on Instagram, I was startled to find it’s just a wall. It’s a very nice wall, but still, just a wall. How far were people traveling to take photos there? Hours?

Also, hotel bathrooms are one of the most popular kinds of spots where designers design for the ‘gram. Particularly the bathroom wall opposite the sink. Because the sink has a mirror above it and people take selfies there.

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner