Movie violence doesn’t lead to real life violence

Last night’s movie was “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” Very enjoyable! I need to catch up on Tarantino movies; there are at least a half-dozen I haven’t seen.

I used to be troubled by the graphic violence in Tarantino movies but then I heard an interview with him where he outright rejected any link between movie violence and real-life violence. None. He was offended by the suggestion that they might be linked. And as far as I know he himself is an exemplar of that principle. I’ve never seen any suggestion that Tarantino is himself violent or applauds violence.

Terry Gross once asked him if there was anything in movies that he found too disturbing to watch. And of course over a century of moviemaking there has been some awfully graphic and disgusting violence displayed. But it’s all make-believe, Tarantino said, except for one thing.

The one thing Tarantino said he can’t stand to watch is depictions of animal suffering in very early movies, from the early 20th Century. Because the animals were really suffering there; they weren’t trained to act like they were suffering, they were abused and then filmed.

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner