QAnon: 'Where We Go One'

QAnon believers, united in a battle against what they see as dark forces of the world, reveal where the internet is headed.

The Qanon community is united in the belief that they can use the Internet to make the world better, and build personal connections and friendships

I do not believe the fundamental tenets of Qanon, which are as I understand it that Hillary Clinton, Obama and their allies are part of a conspiracy dating back at least 50 years, which includes a child sex ring operating out of a pizza restaurant.

And I certainly do not believe that Donald Trump is a hero and anointed by our military to save us. Trump isn’t the cure for the disease, he’s the disease’s most prominent symptom.

But real world conspiracies are not that different from what Qanon believes. Pizzagate is bullshit but Jeffrey Epstein was real.

And my own political beliefs today would have seemed completely bonkers and paranoid to myself 25 or so years ago.…

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner