Today on Cory Doctorow's Pluralistic

++ Youtube is automatically blocking criticism of the Chinese Communist Party, even though YouTube and Google are banned in China.

++ Facebook shelved research that showed they were sowing polarization. “64% of people who joined an extremist group on Facebook only did so because the company’s algorithm recommended it to them.” Possible mastermind: A former official in the Bush administration, who went to work for Facebook.

++ “Hertz’s bankruptcy was caused by private equity looting.”

Private equity operates on literally the same business model as gangsters “busting out” a small business, as in “The Sopranos” and “Goodfellas.” Except when private equity does it, it’s billions of dollars at stake and legal.

++ West Virginia’s governor Jim Justice is a billionaire, deadbeat. He doesn’t pay his bills. Worked for the Donald, why not for him too?

++ “Ammosexuals” are pointing their unsafetied guns at their own crotches, with a finger on the trigger, to pwn the libs.

“ … it might be a useful fact to cite the next time a musketfucker explains to me that my skepticism about gun ownership in unwarranted because gun enthusiasts are, by nature, respectful of firearm safety.”

I am concerned about the cat.…

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner