The nerd vs. jock fight was always a lie – Our Opinions Are Correct.

Nerds hate fitness and exercise because of bad early experiences in gym class. They never got to experience success in movement.

True for me! I remember gym class as being an endless sequence of ball sports, which I am terrible at and still hate, and activities which presented the possibility of falling from a great height.

Today, I enjoy exercise. I walk at least three miles a day.

And even though I was the very picture of the bookish fat kid, I rode my bicycle miles and miles and miles every day. It was the only way to get anywhere.

Science fiction and comics fetishize buff bodies and physical fitness. This podcast cites Captain America as an example, which has some truth to it. But on the other hand one of the main points of that story arc is that what made Cap a superhero is his courage, decency, patriotism and integrity. These are qualities that Steve Rodgers had when he was a skinny nerd, before he took the supersoldier serum.

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner