Restaurants won’t let gig drivers pee: Restaurants are – rightly – angry at delivery services like GrubHub, which are parasitic businesses that take a massive cut of restaurant revenues and provide relatively small value.

But the restaurants are - wrongly, but humanly – taking it out on fellow victims, the delivery drivers, and not letting those drivers use restaurant bathrooms.

Which is why the drivers are crouching in alleys, pissing in cups in their cars, etc.

And then handling your dinner.

The Backfire Effect is wrong. Turns out if you expose people to evidence their beliefs are wrong, the people change their minds. But Facebook is still using the Backfire Effect junk science as an excuse for not implementing factchecking.

Also: The Monty Python Dead Parrot sketch in real life, sort of. Modern Monetary Theory has its moment. And the pandemic breaks AI’s “intrinsic conservatism,” as AI expects people will continue behaving as they have always behaved, which is screwing up Amazon’s algorithms.

On Cory Doctorow’s Pluralistic

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