On Cory Doctorow’s Pluralistic

A Canada university is requiring students to buy webcams – which is impossible during the lockdown – and install spyware on their computers, putatively to prevent cheating during exams.

In the USA, your health insurance deductible can be tied to the number of steps you get on your Fitbit. The Restepper, “Andrew Thaler’s open source hardware gadget … uses an arduino-controlled mechanism to generate plausible steps for your Fitbit to count. Cost of goods? Less than $100.”

How hacker Marcus Hutchins saved the world from the Wannacry ransomware epidemic and got arrested as a computer criminal. Sadly, the arrest was justified.

Both red and blue states are moving to enable postal voting, despite paranoid screeds from the clown in the White House. However, alas, postal voting does not favor Democrats.

Corporate Congressional Democrats are shoveling pork to lobbyists and dark money organizations.

The feds want national snitchlines for bosses whose workers won’t return to work for foolish, lazy reasons such as “not wanting to get sick” and “not wanting to die.”

Restaurants, hotels and bars, the last bastions of cable subscriptions, are cutting the cord, “not least because they’re being required to pay for sports channels that don’t have any sports.”

The malevolent NSO group is trying to sell spyware to US cops. “NSO Group is a notorious, corrupt cyber arms dealer whose customers are the worst, most brutal oppressive states in the world, like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whose kidnapping and dismemberment operation against the journalist Jamal Khashoggi relied on NSO’s Pegasus tool.”

Senate Democrats want to ban Internet disconnection, led by Bernie Sanders, Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley.

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner