Fox Is ‘Wide Open’ to ‘Firefly’ Revival – ‘If There’s a Way to Reinvent It for Today’ [The Wrap] Executive producer Tim Minear says it would have to be a limited run series because the cast is busy doing other things.

Even with that limitation, there would be problems: Two of the characters are dead, and those were both bad creative decisions. However, that doesn’t have to be an obstacle; both Mad About You and Will & Grace solved that problem by simply deciding the ending of the original series didn’t happen. (In comics, they call that “retconning” – retroactive continuity.)

However, one of the actors who played one of those characters is also dead. Alas, can’t retcon that.

Also, it would be sad if those characters were all still on that ship nearly 20 years later. They would have moved on to other things by now.

I’d like to see a limited series reunion showing the same characters, same actors, 20 years later. Maybe recast Ron Glass, maybe just leave Book out. Definitely bring the other dead character back. His death? Didn’t happen.

Also, a reboot featuring the original characters, original timeline, new actors. No mandate for consistency with the limited series. Let John Varley be an example there. Or maybe a really good animated series featuring as many of the original voice actors as can be brought together.

Also, new stories set in the same universe, like they do with Star Wars and are starting to do with Trek.