RIP Mike Resnick Mike Resnick was the author of “Santiago,” “Seven Views of the Olduvai Gorge” “Kirniyaga” and other novels and stories. He was a prolific and talented science fiction writer who wrote enjoyable adventures that were often allegories for Africa and colonialism. He also wrote several alternate histories about Theodore Roosevelt.

I never met him but we corresponded electronically in the 90s on various pre-social media online communities, and I found him gracious, intelligent and pleasurable to talk with. He even sent me an old book of his when I expressed some interest in it and said I’d been unable to find a copy.

Julie and I also lost an old friend from San Francisco this week to Alzheimer’s. We hadn’t talked that much since we moved away form there, and one of the tragic things about Alzheimer’s is when the release finally comes it’s like the person had already been gone for years. Still, a sad occasion.