Cory Doctorow: How to Do Everything (Lifehacking Considered Harmful)

The past 14 years have regularly featured junctures where I had to get rid of something I liked doing so I could do something I liked doing more. Some of that was low-hanging fruit (I haven’t watched TV regularly in more than a decade), but after getting rid of the empty calories in my activity diet, I had to start making hard choices.

After 14 years of wiping out time-wasting work activities, he's run out of wiggle room:

it gets much, much harder to winnow out activities over time. Anything I remove from the Jenga stack of my day disturbs the whole tower.

And _that _means that undertaking new things, speculative things that have no proven value to _any _of the domains where I work (let alone all of them) has gotten progressively harder, even as I’ve grown more productive. Optimization is a form of calcification.

Cory also talks about why he uses Twitter aggressively, but not Facebook. I wondered about that – if you're going to cut Facebook out of your life, shouldn't you cut Twitter out too, because they are toxic in many of the same ways? The answer, for Cory: Facebook is hostile to the free and open web, while Twitter is not.