Huel brings its nutrition bars to the U.S. [TechCrunch] Huel primarily makes “meal replacement” beverage — supposedly all the nutrition you get from a meal, in a single beverage you can buy in ready-to-drink bottles or mix up in a powder.

I’ve been having a bottle of Huel for breakfast for several weeks now. I bought a case of the ready-to-drink bottles to give it a try. It was a gamble; I didn’t even know if I would like it, and you don’t seem to be able to buy just ONE bottle, so I ended up shelling out something like $108 on something that I might take one sip of and go “bleah.” But I did like it and I’m finishing up the last of the case this week. I ordered a big box of the powder, which is less expensive, and which arrived yesterday.

Drinking a liquid “meal replacement” sounds radical, but Huel points out that it really isn’t. People have been mixing up powder into foods for millennia; we call that “bread.” And people have been drinking “meal replacements” for just as long; we call that “soup.”

Many people have Huel for two meals a day, but one is fine for me.

I’ll give the bars a try but a chief benefit for Huel for me is you can drink it. That makes it more convenient; easier to do other things at the computer or iPad while I’m guzzling it. On the other hand, you can bring the bars with you when you’re out and about, which is not so convenient with the bottles.

I started drinking Huel after reading this article. Previously, I tried Soylent.

I went with Huel this time because it seems to be made of actual ingredients — oats, pea protein, etc. Soylent is made from chemicals. (And, yes, I know that EVERYTHING is a chemical — oats, peas, air, water. You know what I mean.)

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