Yet another collection of travel tips. But they’re good tips

VM Brasseur: “My travel habits.”

A few habits I’ve added after reading this article:

“Book the hotel the moment you think you may go somewhere.” You can also make multiple reservations, for multiple lengths of stay. But be mindful of cancellation policies — be sure to cancel in time!

Always sign up for loyalty programs, even for what you think will be a one-time purchase — sometimes you get a bonus for signing up, and you might do business with them again after all. I’ve been very lax on loyalty programs and need to tighten that up.

Always bring an umbrella. Just bring it. Julie and I have a vast collection of umbrellas I bought on trips where I did not expect rain.

A couple of the tips that I disagree with have to do with traveling light and avoiding checking bags. I’ve recently joined the dark side on this one — I now believe you should bring what you need to be comfortable and productive on the trip. Waiting for checked bags, and risking a a delayed bag, is an inconvenience. But doing without something you want or need is also a problem. And if you check the bag you don’t have to shlep it around the airport.

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