Book Review: In ‘A Warning,’ Anonymous Author Makes Case Against Re-election

Jennifer Szalai, writing at The New York Times:

A big tell comes early on, when Anonymous reveals what “the last straw” was. It wasn’t Mr. Trump’s response to the right-wing rally in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017, when a white supremacist killed a woman and the president talked about “the violence on many sides.” It wasn’t even the administration’s separation of migrant families at the border. These examples might have left Anonymous appalled, but the truly unforgivable act was when Senator John McCain died last year and Mr. Trump tried to hoist the flag on the White House above half-staff: “President Trump, in unprecedented fashion, was determined to use his office to limit the nation’s recognition of John McCain’s legacy.”

“Anonymous” is chickenshit and the idea of a Resistance inside the Trump administration is crap. If you want to oppose Trump, oppose him. Don’t work for Trump and try to kid yourself you’re one of the good guys.