Lately, after years of getting my news from RSS, Google News, blogs, social media, and podcasts, I’m going directly to news websites and reading newsletters. I like the experience of getting everything packaged up by experts, like we used to get with print newspapers.

Also, we still watch the evening news, nearly every night.

I still do those other things too — RSS, Google News, blogs, and social etc. Also, I get a lot of news from podcasts.

Though with Trump out of office, I no longer feel the compelling need to check the news several times a day. And it hasn’t even been three days yet!

Recently I started making my Huel breakfast shakes in a blender – specifically, a blender that’s more than 40 years old, that Julie has had around the kitchen the whole time. Running that blender is extremely satisfying. It makes me feel like I’m at a 1970s pool party making margaritas and pina coladas for everybody.